Vitamins for Joint Pain in Knees

Vitamins for Joint Pain in Knees

Have you ever thought about the number of movements that your body makes everyday? Be it walking, opening the door, lifting, or climbing stairs, your body moves in hundreds of different ways each day. Have you ever spared a thought about how is your body able to make all these movements? 

All these movements are possible because of the tissues that connect your bones and allow your body to be strong, mobile, and flexible. However, with age, your joints suffer wear and tear and you experience joint pains. 

This is when you should start paying more heed to your joints and look for safe and effective complementary therapies such as vitamins for knee pain.

What Causes Knee Joint Pain?

Did you know that your knee is the largest and the most complex joint in your body? It is one of the most critical joints that not just allows your body to run, sit, stand, and walk but also supports the weight of your body. 

Also known as the tibiofemoral joint, it is a hinge joint that is made up of three bones known as tibia, femur, and patella. The joints of these bones are covered in a layer of hyaline cartilage that protects the bones from damage, weight-related stress, and friction. 

Studies say that knee pain affects almost twenty-five percent of adults, the major contributor being osteoarthritis. This is the condition in which the cartilage in the knee degenerates with use and age. Joint pain is also the result of other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, sports injury, gout, tendinitis, etc. 

There are some reasons why this wear and tear affects your knee joint more than the other joints:

  • The weight of the body that your knees have to carry puts extra stress on them.
  • The bones in your knee joint make twisting movements.
  • It has a limited range of motion. 

Why Are Vitamins For Knees And Joints Needed?

To sustain a healthy body, you need optimum levels of micronutrients in your diet. However, despite having access to healthy food options, we miss out on essential nutrients, particularly vitamins, that are essential for chondroprotection and nerve regeneration. 

This brings us back to the importance of vitamin supplements for knee pain to get relief from knee pain. They contain exactly those vitamins that are needed for the alleviation of joint pain. Physio Flex Pro has been widely rated as the best joint supplement.

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Which are some of the best vitamins for knee pain?

There are some vitamins, the deficiency of which has been linked to an increased susceptibility to joint pain and stiffness. 

Here are some of the best vitamins for knee joints that you should consider including in your diet:

- Vitamin D

Amongst the best vitamins to take for joint pain, vitamin D is essential to keep joints healthy for a long time. Studies say that optimum levels of this vitamin are essential for healthy articular cartilage. This has an impact on the onset and progression of osteoarthritis and reduces joint pain. 

- Vitamin C

For people suffering from osteoarthritis, vitamin C is amongst the best vitamins for knee joint pain (see also 'Vitamins and Other Supplements for Joint Pain'). Several studies point toward the benefits of vitamin C in reducing knee joint pain. 

People who supplement their diet with vitamin C have reported low incidences of knee pain and a reduction in the use of painkillers. 

- Vitamin B Complex

Studies say that B vitamins are an essential part of complementary therapies to reduce joint pain, especially that occurs due to rheumatoid arthritis. Including B vitamins in the diet help people reduce the severity of knee pain, joint stiffness, cracking knees and reduced functioning. 

How to Choose The Best Vitamin Supplements?

Vitamin supplements don’t cause side effects or chemical imbalances and reduce the requirement of surgical options. 

For you to benefit from the joint pain-alleviating benefits of vitamins, you need to ask yourself some questions before you invest in the best vitamin supplement for knee pain:

  • Is the supplement safe and made by a credible seller?
  • Does it have an adequate amount of vitamins?
  • What are the brand’s testing and quality control processes?

Physio Flex Pro is a supplement that will check all the above-mentioned boxes and meet all your joint health needs. This is a cGMP (FDA-registered) facility that is made only with the choicest of natural ingredients. Besides meeting your orthopedic doctor regularly and following a healthy lifestyle, including this supplement in your routine will help you have healthy joints for years to come. 

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