Knee Cartilage Regeneration Supplements

Knee Cartilage Regeneration Supplements

Cartilage, also known as cartilaginous tissues, is a complex and incredible substance in the human body. It allows the bones and joints to make movements without rubbing against each other for several decades of a person’s life.

But while protecting the long end of the bones, the cartilage can become damaged over the years causing joint problems. In this case, what helps in keeping your joints healthy (see also 'The Best Supplements For Healthy Joints') and functional are cartilage regeneration supplements.

Why Do We Need Healthy Joint Cartilage?

Cartilage is the main connective tissue found throughout the human body. Besides the joints, it is also found in the lungs, ears, nose, spine, and bones. Made up of ground substance, cells, and fiber, the cartilage performs critical functions such as:

  • Protecting the bones
  • Joining and supporting the joints
  • Insulating the joints
  • Transporting substances and storing fat

Without adequate or healthy cartilage, your bones would rub against each other causing shocks and friction, eventually leading to chronic joint pain (see also 'Is Joint Pain Inevitable With Age?'). When left untreated, this joint pain leads to reduced mobility. According to studies, it not just impacts the physical aspects of life but also mental and social aspects and is directly related to reduced quality of life.

Why Does The Cartilage Deteriorate?

The cartilage is made up mainly of two compounds known as chondroitin (see also 'Is Chondroitin Good For Joints?') and glucosamine. Often known as the building blocks of proteoglycans, these compounds give your cartilage its buffering properties. 

According to studies, as we age, the ability of the body to produce glucosamine and chondroitin reduces. This eventually leads to joint pain and dysfunction. Furthermore, these two compounds are not available from food sources. 

This deterioration of the cartilage ultimately leads to a painful degenerative condition, referred to as osteoarthritis. As per studies, this condition affects more than 650 million people worldwide and is the leading cause of joint pain. 

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How Do Cartilage Regeneration Supplements Work?

While we all try to consume a nutritious diet and follow a healthy lifestyle, we often miss out on essential chondroprotective compounds. Knee cartilage regeneration supplements are a great way to get relief from cartilage degeneration-induced joint pain and discomfort. 

Here are some reasons why these supplements make for a beneficial dietary inclusion:

- Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is your body’s natural response to harmful substances such as toxic compounds, pathogens, or damaged cells. At times, your immune system continues to send out inflammatory cells without any external danger. This leads to chronic inflammation and may lead to serious conditions such as cancer, type-2 diabetes, or cardiovascular disorders. 

Knee cartilage regeneration supplements containing glucosamine (see also 'Glucosamine - Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects') and chondroitin have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that people who used these supplements had a lower ratio of biomarkers of inflammation such as C-reactive protein. 

- Prevents Cartilage Degeneration

When left unchecked, cartilage degeneration can lead to severe and chronic pain and joint immobility. It may also lead to pain flare-ups and exposure of the bone. 

Studies demonstrate that subjects who received regular glucosamine supplements showed a lower degree of cartilage degeneration, especially in the weight-bearing joints.

- Helps optimize weight

Obesity has a significant impact on the progression of osteoarthritis. It leads to excessive pressure on the weight-bearing joints and leads to changes in the body’s biomechanical patterns. 

Research says that glucosamine supplements for cartilage regeneration lead to a decreased risk of knee osteoarthritis in overweight middle-aged women. These supplements have also been shown to help people reduce their body mass and hence, joint pain. 

- Safer option

Since cartilage regeneration supplements are made with natural ingredients, they don’t have the side effects that medicines usually have. They usually don’t cause chemical imbalances, allergic reactions, or other symptoms that are associated with drugs.

How To Choose The Best Cartilage Regeneration Supplements?

With so many options available today, choosing the best supplements for cartilage regeneration may get overwhelming. Here is how you can ensure that your supplement is safe:

  • They should be made by a credible brand.
  • The supplement must be FDA-approved.
  • The supplement must have adequate quantities of cartilage benefiting ingredients.

Physio Flex Pro is one of the safest knee cartilage repair supplements that meet all of the above requirements. This supplement is a practical, effective, and affordable way to get relief from the debilitating symptoms of cartilage degeneration. While using the supplements, we advise that you take a holistic approach to joint health. This includes meeting your orthopedic doctor regularly, maintaining optimum weight, and eating a healthy diet.

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