The Story Behind Physio Flex Pro

At the age of 25, I was told that I have “crab meat” cartilage in my right knee… the MRI had confirmed it.

My brain was spiraling.  You see at the time I was a personal trainer and running coach, helping adults to get healthy and overcome injuries while training for half-marathons and marathons.  

How was I going to be able to keep helping my clients… if I couldn’t demonstrate exercises properly or accompany them on a run?  These were the foundations of what made me a good running coach and personal trainer.

The pain that I was experiencing was a sharp, stop you in you tracks stabbing pain.  There was no way that I could continue to fake my way around it.  

My knee was preventing me from effectively doing my job. 

But not only that…

 I was going to lose things that I really enjoyed, playing slow-pitch softball and church league basketball.  It might sound silly but it was a when I saw my friends.

I spent much of next 18 months trying to “rehab” in an attempt to be able to work around the pain.   All of my doctors and therapist said there was not going to be a “cure” I would be living with this pain forever.  

Dozens and dozens of hours of physical therapy did nothing but make it sore.  Dozens if not hundreds of visits to chiropractors trying different treatment techniques, red light therapy, e-stim compressed ice sleeves…nothing helped.

Eventually…I gave up.

I resigned to live with pain and just go about living a limited life the best that I could.

So, I transitioned my personal training business to focus on weight loss so I didn’t have to be so exact in demonstrating exercises.

I learned to walk down the stairs just the right way so I didn’t feel like I was getting stabbed in my knee on every step.

I stopped playing basketball.

I moved from the outfield to catcher in softball and slowed down on the bases, no rounding hard, no stopping fast..

…and that is just how I approached my life for the next 15 years.

And then one day, I had a business broker’s email come across my desk, someone wanted to sell a joint supplement that they developed.  So I took a look.

Immediately I noticed the formula was developed by Dr. Kativa a physiotherapist in India where homeopathic solutions are the first course of action for most people.  And it didn’t contain any magic matrix style of ingredients, everything was plannly labeled with amounts clearly stated.  

Next I had to look into the ingredients.  With my background as a personal trainer I was familiar with most supplements and their beneficial effects.  But honestly there was a few ingredients that I didnt’ understand why they were included until I dug deeper in the files of the NIH.  

Once I finished my research and put the all the potential benefits together…That is when I realized the true brilliance of the Physio Flex Pro formula.  This formula was working in three ways all at once.  It was addressing the negative symptoms of joint issues like pain and inflammation, as well as addressing the underlying causes of joint pain.  I literally did one of these (lean back hand pulling air back eyes wide open.)

I was astounded.  I thought this product is genius.

But I still hadn’t vetted it.  So I started searching online for what people were saying about it.  Generally it was postivie, but there just wasn’t much out there.  The product had not been marketed very well,l so not many people that had tried it.  I need to test it for myself.

So I ordered a bottle for myself and one for my mom who was in line for a double knee replacement.  If she felt relief with severe osteoarthritis, I knew that was definitely something here.

So I started taking Physio Flex Pro exactly as directed on the bottle 2 capsules with food everyday.  After day 4 or 5 I noticed that I was moving a little more freely, like my whole body had loosened up.  My back wasn’t stiff when I woke up and my knee generally felt like I go just get up a go, without having to ease my way into getting going.

I thought, well that is a good sign.  I decided that I would give it a full 10 days before I really tested just how my “crab meat” cartilage knee was doing.

Test #1:  Going down the stairs.  Its not that I hadn’t gone down stairs in the last 15 years, but I had always been very careful to do in just that one way, sideways, left leg first and not extending over my right knee over my toes.  There I was standing at the top of the stairs, facing straight down, mentally preparing myslef for the stab that I was about to feel on that first step..

but I didn’t.  And that surprised me.  Actually I didn’t have any pain all the way down the 16 steps to the basement.  

So I continued taking the 2 capsules a day.  By the end of the first month, I had completed a couple of runs without any issue in my knee, I could run for exercise again.

Holy cow.  If it did that for me, I had to go see my Mom to see how she was doing with it.  

Remember she was inline for a double knee replacement and on pretty high strength prescription anti-inflammatories and Tylenol arthritis 4-times a day and still couldn’t make the walk to baseball field to watch my son play, or the soccer field to watch her grand daughter play soccer.

When I first saw her, I could tell she was moving better.  Simple things like standing up out of a chair and loading the dishwasher were not a laborious-deliberate process anymore.  When I asked her directly if she thought Physio Flex Pro was helping this is exactly what she said: 

“Those gold pill things?  Oh my god yes.”  Then she said something that I have since heard echoed by many customers.  “I’m not waking up at night from pain in my knees.”

And that sealed my decision to buy it.  Physio Felx Pro is a REALLY good product, developed by an expert, back by science and proven to be effective.  I needed to share its benefits with as many people as possible.  

Since taking it over, the feedback from our customers has been absolutely amazing.  We talked about its effects on knees, but it is possibly even more effective on the joints of the hands and fingers.  Customers have shared positive results on lower back pain and stiffness as well.

In just a short time, Physio Flex Pro has transformed from a hidden gem to a beacon of hope for many suffering from joint pain. The journey from a personal trainer struggling with knee pain to the owner of a successful supplement company has been nothing short of miraculous. Every day, I receive messages from customers who have rediscovered the joys of mobility and pain-free living, thanks to Physio Flex Pro.

My mission now extends beyond personal training – it's about bringing this life-changing formula to as many people as possible. As I look towards the future, I am committed to continuous research and improvement of Physio Flex Pro, ensuring it remains at the forefront of safe and effective joint health solutions.

My journey has taught me that sometimes, the most challenging paths lead to the most rewarding destinations. With Physio Flex Pro, I've not only reclaimed my life but have been given the opportunity to help others do the same. This isn't just a business; it's a community of healing and strength, and I am proud to be leading the charge.

Physio Approved by Dr Kavita

We're proud to work with Dr Kavita on Physio Flex Pro. With her we've ensured it's a product that meets the rigorous standards required by medical professionals.

Dr. Kavita Gandhi is a professional physiotherapist with ten years of experience working alongside an executive team of doctors of multiple specialties. and runs runs Safe Hands Physio.

She specializes in Orthopedics and Musculoskeletal conditions and works with patients with a variety of mobility and joint based conditions.