About Us

About us

Waking Up to Joint Issues

I'll never forget the morning when I stepped out of bed onto stiff legs, only to have agonising pain shoot through my right knee. Not only was my planned 10km run hanging in the balance, I thought this was the end of my mobility. Thankfully I was wrong...

When coronavirus hit, people realised they needed to get in shape. Many found themselves dusting off running shoes and pulling the sheets off their dust covered cycles. Eddie, our owner and certified Fitness Instructor, was no different. Going from the couch to 5km had him running with a few aches and pains. Nothing major. So the idea to run a marathon was born.

As training stepped up, so did the joint pain, stiffness and instability.

The Failure of Others

Having tried various different joint supplements, he found that none quite cut it. Finding that the pain and discomfort extended into day to day life.

Losing track of the amount of different herbs, low dosed cheap products and jargon based premium supplements got me nowhere. The marathons 42km was stalling at 10km.

Waking up with legs like stiff planks, knees creaking and cracking around the house, it was difficult to get his shoes laced up, let alone get out for a run.

I couldn't believe how far behind joint products were.

- Eddie B

Bringing Change to Joint Supplements

A gap in the market existed for a pharmaceutical strength completely natural joint supplement that doesn't just focus on one aspect of joint care. Instead offering protection, pain reduction and strength for everyone's joints, at every age, every fitness level and in every aspect of their biology.

With the help of a few experts in orthopedics, clients and athletes who acted as guinea pigs, and USA based nutritionists, Physio Flex Pro was created on the latest available research. 


Changing the Way You Move

And in June 2021, Eddie finished the marathon, and is still running pain free. Moving better than ever.

Since December 2020, Physio Flex Pro has been adopted by countless athletes, dads, moms and casual fitness enthusiasts to restore their joints and upgrade their performance.

It's time to move like you used to.

To speak to me directly on how Physio Flex Pro can help you email eddie[@]srsnutra.com.

Physio Approved by Dr Kavita

We're proud to work with Dr Kavita on Physio Flex Pro. With her we've ensured it's a product that meets the rigorous standards required by medical professionals.

Dr. Kavita Gandhi is a professional physiotherapist with ten years of experience working alongside an executive team of doctors of multiple specialties. and runs runs Safe Hands Physio.

She specializes in Orthopedics and Musculoskeletal conditions and works with patients with a variety of mobility and joint based conditions.