Ways for Older Adults to Keep Their Joints Healthy

Ways for Older Adults to Keep Their Joints Healthy

In the U.S, more than one in four adults suffer from joint pain, stiffness and reduced mobility- all symptoms of arthritis. In Americans above the age of 65, more than one in two men and two in three women may be suffering from arthritis. It is estimated that, by 2040, 11.4% of American adults will have to limit their activity because of this debilitating condition. But are there ways to improve bone health and keep joints healthy as we grow older? 

The good news is, YES! There are two important things- right exercise and right food.  

Exercising tips to keep joints and bones healthy

Exercise strengthens bones and muscles and even reduces bone loss rate. Specific exercises targeting balance and coordination help reduce the risk of falls. Use these tips to make up your exercise regimen: 

  • If painful joints make weight bearing exercises tough, swimming is a great option. Swimming is not only a great full body exercise; it also improves bone/ muscle mass.
  • Simple stretching at regular intervals during the day keeps your muscles flexible and active and keeps stiffness at bay.
  • Walking is a simple weight bearing exercise that helps maintain bone mass. You can adjust the pace so it fits your fitness levels.
  • Rotational or twisting exercises, even simple ones stretch muscles right where they are attached to bone and help retain mobility and reduce stiffness and pain too.
  • If you cannot do a full, long duration workout every day, break it up into 3- 4 sessions. Keep moving throughout the day because movement strengthens muscles, eases joints and subdues joint pain.
  • Focus on low impact exercises that do not overload your joints.
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Diet tips to keep joints and bones healthy

A diet rich in calcium, vitamin D and sulfur is one of the simple ways to improve bone health and keep joints healthy. There are many plant and animal foods you can include: 

  • Vitamin D sources: Oily fish like salmon and sardines are a great source. Red meat, liver, egg yolks are also good additions. For vegetarians, the choices are limited but fortified milk or cereals can help.
  • Calcium: Dairy products, especially milk and cheese, are great calcium sources. Most green leafy vegetables are good too. Tofu, soya beans, okra are other things you can add to your diet for your daily calcium intake. 
  • Sulfur: When it comes to ways to improve bone health, sulfur assumes special importance because it is so critical for the body to maintain bone, tissue and cell health. This chemical is used in repair, maintenance and protection of joints and cartilage apart from nails, hair and skin. Beef, eggs, fish, turkey and chicken are all good sources of sulfur and among plant based foods, you have nuts, grains, legumes and seeds. 

What happens when the diet is not nutritious? 

Did you know that when you cook the food or you get processed food, the essential nutrients may be destroyed? For example, when the food is processed, the sulfur is destroyed. This means that foods that were rich in these critical nutrients may no longer have them by the time they get to your dinner plate. This brings us back to the question:  how to keep bones healthy in old age when the diet is falling short?

This is where you  see the value of the right supplements (see also 'SRS Omega Pro - Advanced Omega 3 Supplement') . With supplements, we can combine the benefits of the best compounds that have proven benefits for joint pain, stiffness and inflammation. The most popular ones include glucosamine, chondroitin (see also 'Chondroitin Uses and Side Effects') and MSM. All three are used globally not just to tackle the symptoms of arthritis but also as simple ways to improve bone health and keep joints healthy. Data from NIH shows that 6.5 million adults have used glucosamine or chondroitin for joint pain and stiffness either separately or in combination. MSM, with its 34% sulfur content, is a well- known supplement for muscle soreness and joint health too. 

Combining the goodness of all three is the Physio Flex Pro supplement, a product that is recommended by physiotherapists. Physio Flex Pro comes to the market after extensive research proving its efficacy. It has no additives so you get exactly what you pay for with this supplement. A 60- day money back guarantee conveys to you the confidence with which the product has been made. Made in FDA approved labs, this supplement is a simple and effective answer to your question: how to keep bones healthy in old age? 

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