MSM for arthritis pain: Is it safe?

MSM for arthritis pain: Is it safe?

Methylsulfonylmethane in supplement form is a popular alternative medicine taken across the globe by those suffering from joint pain and stiffness. This is an organic sulfur rich compound (with 34% sulfur) that is present in many plant foods such as Brussels sprouts, wheat germ, kale, horsetail and beans. Sulfur is a critical building block that our body uses to repair bones, skin and hair. When we are deficient in sulfur, our bone and joint health deteriorates because the wear and tear is not being repaired as it should. Replacing sulfur in the body through diet can be a challenge because any kind of processing destroys this chemical in the food.  This is the reason behind the immense popularity of MSM for arthritis in supplement form

The connection between MSM and arthritic pain management

Pain in the knees, wrists, shoulders or even the hip is a common complaint for elders. In most cases, these arise from arthritis, more specifically, osteoarthritis. This is a condition where the cartilage and the bones deteriorate. 

Supplements with Methylsulfonylmethane are often taken as a remedy for such aches and pains that prevent the person from carrying out day-to-day activities. However, Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM as it is more popularly known, is not just good for joint pain but also has other benefits to offer. But for those who have not tried MSM before, the first question may be: Is it safe? 

Methylsulfonylmethane/ MSM: How safe is it? 

While there is not a lot of research about alternative medicines, there is enough to show that MSM can be taken with minimal risk. It is deemed a Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) approved compound and it is well tolerated by most test subjects. 

The dosage matters a lot though with those taking up to 4 grams a day reporting no severe reactions. However, it is noteworthy that even higher dosages up to 20 grams a day, have been reported with no side effects. 

Does MSM really work?

Studies tell us more about MSM benefits for arthritis and its safe use. 

  • In one study, where 50 men and women in the 40- 76 years age group participated, 3 grams of MSM were given for 12 weeks to one group. The other group received a placebo for the same duration. The patients taking MSM reported decrease in the WOMAC pain scale and they also reported improvement in functionality in the joints. No severe side effects were noted. 
  • Animal studies with MSM tell us that after 90 days of daily MSM dosage far greater than what is typically taken by humans, no adverse impacts were noticed. 
  • Another study performed in 2011 on 50 people diagnosed with arthritic knee pain showed that the group taking 1.125 grams of MSM thrice daily for a period of 12 weeks reported significant decrease in pain. No side effects were reported. 
  • A study was conducted in India wherein the subjects were given MSM for 12 weeks in three daily dosages of 500 mg each. The patients reported a clear reduction in swelling and pain with no severe side effects. 

Clearly, there is enough evidence to suggest that MSM for arthritis is not just an effective solution but also a safe one. 

Other MSM benefits

Unlike some other supplements, MSM for arthritis benefits are not just limited to pain relief or inflammation reduction. The compound has anti-oxidant properties too that are helpful in dealing with muscle soreness post workout. MSM reduces oxidative stress and muscle damage that occurs after an exceptionally lengthy or strenuous exercise session. 

Often, muscle soreness prevents the individual from continuing an exercise regimen that can be very beneficial if carried out consistently. MSM can help here by subduing the pain and keeping you motivated for the next workout session. 

MSM for arthritis in supplement form

The best and most convenient way to get the maximum MSM benefits is to take the compound in supplement form. Pure, safe and tested extensively, Physio Flex Pro’s supplement combines the benefits of MSM for arthritis along with those of Glucosamine and Chondroitin in one additive- free supplement. 

Physio Flex Pro comes to you from a cGMP certified, FDA verified lab where it is produced in the best of conditions with high grade ingredients.  Aimed at improving synovial lubrication while giving you pain/ inflammation relief, this supplement comes backed by a 60- day money back guarantee. Given that this product is recommended and used by physiotherapists, you know that you cannot get a better solution for your arthritic pain than this. 

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