How MSM Might Help Your Arthritis?

How MSM Might Help Your Arthritis?

Arthritis is a very common ailment especially among the older generation. Studies show that approximately 91 million adults across the U.S may have this condition. While older people commonly complain of this ailment, the fact is that 300,000 children also have some kind of rheumatic disease. With over 100 different types of arthritis being diagnosed, it is difficult to find a cure for every specific type. But treatment for the most debilitating symptoms of stiffness, pain, inflammation and decreased mobility of joint is sought after. In recent years, the benefits of MSM for arthritis have been grabbing the spotlight and earning the attention of both doctors and patients across the globe.  

Why is there so much talk about MSM benefits?

MSM benefits are much discussed with relation to arthritic pain because of the connection between sulfur and bones. Sulfur is an essential mineral in the body that helps in the production of several proteins including those in muscle formation. Collagen, the protein we find in connective tissue, is also sulfur dependent and sulfur is also a key constituent of bones. 

For good bone health, we need adequate sulfur in the body. The body gets the sulfur it needs from plant- based proteins or animal based protein. However, when the diet is deficient in these, the body’s ability to maintain good skin, muscle and bone is impaired. 

MSM is a compound that contains 34% sulfur. This compound was discovered in the 1980s at the Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland by Stanley W. Jacob, MD, and Robert Herschler, MD. It is an odorless, colorless compound that is found naturally in all organic things. 

MSM is found in fruits, meat and vegetables but when we do not take enough of these and the sulfur in our diet falls short, MSM is a valuable compound to add to the diet in supplement form too. It is important to remember that many foods have sulfur but this chemical is destroyed when the foods are processed. 

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Health benefits of MSM

  • Studies show that MSM can help with pain experienced in severe arthritis. Research carried out with 50 men and women with knee pain shows that MSM is an effective treatment method. The participants were given MSM twice daily for 12 weeks. At the end of the study period, those who took MSM as opposed to placebo reported improvement in pain levels. They also reported better functionality in the affected area. 
  • MSM is believed to have positive effect on the swelling that is caused by arthritis. Often, for patients of this condition, stiffness and swelling comes hand-in-hand. This makes it painful for them to move about and also difficult to move quickly because the joints do not function normally. 
  • According to Ronald M. Lawrence, Md, PhD, author of the book ‘The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for Pain’, sulfur has an effect on pain impulse itself, subduing it and thus giving immense relief to those suffering from arthritis. 
  • MSM benefits also arise from its anti-oxidant effects. The compound can reverse the signs of aging by getting rid of toxins from the system. It is believed to fight against oxidative stress so much so that its potential as a cancer treatment compound is being explored. 

The main benefits of MSM for arthritis stem from its ability to offer pain relief and relief from inflammation and stiffness. Regular intake of MSM supplements is a common treatment method followed by scores of arthritic patients across the world. Typically, 3 to 5 mg per day is the recommended MSM dosage for arthritis. 

MSM benefits via supplement

Since most of us do not get enough sulfur via natural foods, the simplest and most effective way to ingest the chemical is through MSM supplements. Physio Flex Pro has the best solution for this in the form of its flagship product. The added advantage with Physio Flex pro is that here MSM is combined with chondroitin and glucosamine (see also 'MSM vs Glucosamine: What's The Difference?'), a combination that is known to offer even better impact over pain and stiffness especially in arthritic pain in the knee.  

Made in FDA registered and cGMP verified labs and with no additives diluting its effects, Physio Flex Pro lives up to its impressive reputation. Perhaps, this is why the product is recommended and used by physiotherapists too. If arthritic pain and swelling is preventing you from carrying out your daily activities, choose Physio Flex pro to get the best benefits of MSM for arthritis.  

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