Physio Approved by Dr Kavita

We're proud to work with Dr Kavita on Physio Flex Pro. With her we've ensured it's a product that meets the rigorous standards required by medical professionals.

Dr. Kavita Gandhi is a professional physiotherapist with ten years of experience working alongside an executive team of doctors of multiple specialties. and runs runs Safe Hands Physio.

She specializes in Orthopedics and Musculoskeletal conditions and works with patients with a variety of mobility and joint based conditions.


Physio Flex Pro - Total Joint Support Video Course


Video 1: Introduction to Joints

Video 2: Exercises for Healthy Joints

Video 3: Common Injuries

Video 4: Weight Management

Video 5: Diet and Nutrition

Video 6: Home Remedies

Video 7: Alternative Options


The Story Behind Physio Flex Pro