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Guide to Joint Vitamins and Supplements

Imagine feeling loose, nimble, and agile again. Getting that spring back in your step and completely forgetting about joint pain and stiffness.

Unfortunately, as we get older, many of us start experiencing stiffness, pain, and general discomfort in our joints, especially the ankles, knees, and hips. Exercise gets harder and just getting our bodies moving can feel like it takes much longer than it should.

Fortunately, there are ways to combat and restore our joints to their former glory, essentially turning back the clock. With the right supplementation, the right quality ingredients in the right amounts, father time could take a back seat.

Benefits of Joint Supplements

While every person’s cause of joint discomfort, pain, and stiffness varies, their story once starting an effective joint supplement routine is very similar.

2-6 Weeks: Moving Better and more Comfortably

2-6 Months: Confidence has returned and willingness to participate in physical activity returns.

6+ Months: General physical and mental health is returning because of increased physical activity.

Note: Benefits are gathered via anecdotal methods, individual results may vary from person to person.

Who Should Consider a Joint Supplement?

Adults who find themselves, thinking or experiencing any of the following:

👉Anticipated joint pain that prevents activity

👉Feel 1 or more joints stiffen up after short periods of inactivity

👉A feeling of joint instability or weakness

Key Ingredients in Joint Support Supplements

For joint supplements to really be effective a combination of ingredients need to be present and a few you want to avoid.

Top Ingredients to Look For in Joint Supplements








Things to Avoid in Joint Supplements

😒Supplements that only address one aspect of joint pain.

😒Unclear Labels with “matrix” or “proprietary blend”

😒Lack of Safety Testing and Manufacturing Certifications

😒Faked reviews – look out for miracle claims of pain-free overnight. These supplements take time to help heal your body.