Orders are normally shipped within 2 business days of being recieved. Every order is sent with a tracking number completely free of charge which will arrive in your email inbox. Generally most orders arrive within 3 buisiness days however sadly during busy periods it may take a little longer.

Pre orders: If you have pre ordered please know we are working tirelessly to bring you our product, by placing a pre order you have secured your Physio Flex Pro for delivery as soon as our stock lands. The supply chain issues have cost us a lot, but your patience is helping us keep going and bring you the best possible joint supplement as fast as possible!


We recommend a full 25 days of use to get the full benefits of the compounds in Physio Flex Pro. With a lot of minor benefits occuring much quicker than that! If you've ordered 2 months, you are covered by a 60 day guarantee. If Physio Flex Pro doesn't work, then you can return the bottles to us for a refund.

What are the ingredients in Physio Flex Pro?

Physio Flex Pro Ingredients

Does Physio Flex Pro work?

Physio Flex Pro uses industry leading doses of natural compounds that offer the best chance at repairing, rebuilding and strengthening joint tissue. We've worked with olympic athletes and thousands of people globally to help maintain and bring back their movement, no matter the age or the activity level. (Yes, Physio Flex Pro does work!)

How much is shipping?

$5, sent via tracked priority methods! We are working to keep our shipping costs as low as possible for you during the supply chain crisis. With a small charge to ship internationally and we do cover some of this cost. We always send tracked too, so we keep the process pain free.

Do you auto charge or auto ship after my first order?

We never auto ship and only charge your card after you've hit the order button. We may offer subscriptions in the future though!

Why are the capsules gold?

The process to extract the highest quality curcumin for our supplement means that we retain the yellowy/golden colour of the compound used. Unlike many competitors which sell manufacturered and lab made joint protection ingredients, Physio Flex Pro (see also 'Physio Flex Pro - 1 Month Course') is natural and still high strength. This means that some of our vegetarian friendly white capsules may have a golden tinge to them.