Ask Physio Flex: Eggshell Membrane Vs Glucosamine for Joints

Q: I’ve been running a local natural health store for over a decade now, and have a steady clientele of middle-aged to older individuals who are constantly looking for natural remedies to alleviate joint pain. Over the years, I’ve recommended glucosamine supplements, which some of my clients swear by.

Recently, I came across a new product that has eggshell membrane as its main ingredient, and the suppliers claim it’s a superior alternative to glucosamine. I am intrigued but also cautious as I always want to provide the best advice to my customers.

The literature provided by the supplier contains lots of scientific jargon that’s a bit over my head. I’m in a dilemma whether to start recommending this new product over the tried-and-tested glucosamine supplements.

I wonder, between eggshell membrane and glucosamine, which one holds more promise in terms of efficacy for joint pain relief based on real-world experiences and scientific backing?

- Leonard Thompson, Nashville, TN



Hi Leonard,

The comparison between eggshell membrane and glucosamine for joint pain relief reveals various studies and reviews showcasing the effectiveness of both substances, although they operate slightly differently.

Here's an analysis leaning towards glucosamine based on the evidence gathered:



  • A study showcased that glucosamine, when combined with chondroitin, exhibited comparable efficacy to celecoxib in pain relief and functional improvement, with the combination being the only treatment to show clinically significant improvement​.
  • Glucosamine sulfate might provide some pain relief for individuals with osteoarthritis of the knee and might also help slow knee joint degeneration associated with osteoarthritis​​.
  • In a comparative study, glucosamine was found to exhibit a reduction in mean pain scores over a period of 8 weeks, showing its potential for providing relief from joint pain​​.
  • Various studies confirmed osteoarthritis pain relief with glucosamine use, and its excellent safety profile was highlighted.
  • In short-term clinical trials, glucosamine provided effective symptomatic relief for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee and showed promising results in modifying the progression of arthritis over a 3-year period​.

Eggshell Membrane

  • Studies found that eggshell membrane significantly reduced joint pain and stiffness in participants over a period of 8 weeks and showed continued improvement at 10, 30, and 60 days​.
  • Eggshell membrane has demonstrated efficacy in relieving joint pain and stiffness in some clinical trials​.


  • Eggshell membrane contains fibrous collagen proteins, glycosaminoglycans such as chondroitin sulfate, and hexosamines such as glucosamine. This indicates that glucosamine is a component of eggshell membrane, which might contribute to its efficacy​.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, while some recent studies and articles suggest that eggshell membrane may provide better or comparable relief to glucosamine, there's substantial evidence over the years supporting the effectiveness and safety of glucosamine in alleviating joint pain, especially when combined with chondroitin.

It may come down to individual response and tolerability to these supplements. Furthermore, the presence of glucosamine as a component in eggshell membrane suggests that it plays a part in the latter's efficacy as well.

Considering the long history of glucosamine use and its proven safety profile, it remains a reliable recommendation for individuals experiencing joint pain.

Take a look at our comparison of green-lipped mussels and glucosamine for another glucosamine alternative article.

Warm wishes,
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