Effects of MSM on Exercise-Induced Muscle and Joint Pain

Effects of MSM on Exercise-Induced Muscle and Joint Pain

For an athlete, the most important thing is to be able to continue training without breaks. Sometimes, after a strenuous exercise or a particularly tough sporting event, this becomes impossible. The damage to the muscle that happens with such high- level activity results in pain, swelling and discomfort while carrying on with the exercise. Taking a break can be a very detrimental thing to do for the individual. But what is the solution?  The beneficial effect of MSM on exercise gives us the answer. MSM helps in two ways: muscle/ joint pain relief- both of which are critical for athletes or even those who are into regular fitness. 

Reasons for beneficial effect of MSM on exercise

MSM occurs naturally in many foods. It contains 34% sulfur, which is a chemical essential for many critical activities within our bodies such as:

  • Production of proteins
  • Production of amino acids (which are used to make proteins) 
  • Protect from oxidative damage 
  • Metabolize food
  • Repair skin, ligaments, tendons 

As you can see, sulfur plays a key role in ensuring that your body is physically fit and able to carry on activity at peak levels. It also ensures that when damage occurs to the body, the reconstruction and restoration happens as required, bringing you back to good health. 

The connection between MSM - muscle growth arises from the fact that MSM is a great supplement if your body lacks sulfur. When you seek muscle/ joint pain relief, what you need is a compound that can help:

  • Rebuild the damaged parts 
  • Address the pain arising from the damage
  • Reduce the inflammation so your movement is not restricted during repair
  • Produce more building blocks (proteins) so that the repair takes place faster

All of this is done by MSM thanks to its sulfur content. 

The different benefits of MSM for muscle, joint pain relief

The effect of MSM on exercise is manifold. 

  • As we already saw, it helps rebuild the damaged ligaments and tissues by helping produce proteins as well as by helping synthesize amino acids that aid in protein production. Of the two amino acids, methionine and cysteine, that have sulfur, the first comes only from foods. However, when processed, the sulfur content is destroyed. This is why taking sulfur in supplement form is essential.
  • MSM is also a natural antioxidant. Studies show that MSM protects the body from oxidative damage at cellular level. It appears that the compound protects even brain tissue from oxidative stress. It promotes immunity in the body through its anti- oxidant properties. 
  • In cases of post- exercise inflammation and stress, MSM has shown positive effect. A study carried out with men performing a series of knee extension exercises saw that in those who had been taking MSM for 28 days prior, the main stress areas were less prone to inflammation. One main positive effect of MSM on exercise is that it prevents swelling and discomfort that can disrupt the exercise schedule. Apartfrom muscle, joint pain relief is another reason why the compound is so popular as supplement for fitness enthusiasts. In a study involving 100 men and women, it was seen that MSM improved joint function and also helped curb joint degeneration. In athletes, joint degeneration is a common complaint owing to the heavy wear and tear that joints are subjected to on a daily basis. 

How to choose the right muscle, joint pain relief supplement? 

The benefits of MSM are well established but the question is how do you choose a safe and effective supplement from among the many in the marketplace? These tips should help make the decision: 

  • Recommendations from experts 
  • Good quality ingredients
  • Research based formulation
  • High end production facilities

Physio Flex Pro checks all the right boxes and then some when it comes to the MSM based supplement, which is their flagship product recommended by physiotherapists for their clients.  Physio Flex Pro is made in a FDA registered, cGMP verified lab. The formulation has come to market after years of research that have revealed the right combination of compounds to offer bets outcomes. This is why Physio Flex Pro combines MSM with the goodness of glucosamine and chondroitin, two of the most popular compounds for pain relief, joint inflammation and stiffness.  In addition, the product uses GMO-free quality ingredients that let you leverage the best effect of MSM on exercise related damage to your body. 

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